Nose Injector

Features of Nose Beauty

  1. Fine facial wrinkles improvement and nose plastic surgery on Face Lifting.
  2. Nose Beauty suture pattern: 3D Type COG (COG 120 degrees rotation) applied.
  3. Injector is separated from the body and absorbable PDO threads remain in the body upon plastic surgery.
  4. PDO threads is completely decomposed slowly during 6-8 months.
  5. it induce the generation of collagen and elastin, in the process of decomposition of it.
  6. Skin elasticity is improved by the density increase of dermal layer.
  7. After procedure, it is fixed stable by both ends of strands.
  8. The procedure is relatively simple.
  9. Distinct lifting effect.
  10. Long time last.


Nose Beauty as sterile single use polydioxanone suture with needle has been developed for the purpose of the nose plastic surgery or fine facial wrinkles' procedure. it induce the generation of collagen through the stimulation of muscular coat or meridian point and it make the density of the dermal layer increase. so, it can lead to promote the skin reproduction. it is for the product to use for the procedure of making beautiful nose bridge, nose wing and of making nose nice and thick.


How to use

After opening the needle, please clamp to fix it to the front of suture injector and push absorbable suture under the skin.

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